Drugstore Publicis building, Paris – creativity & imagination

The solution was to wrap the building in laminated glass, creating light and varying levels of transparency at different seasons and times of day. The overall effect is to enrich the façade rather than to efface it. Optical fibres provide dramatic night-time illumination of the building. The project was ambitious, both in the testing of the glass (for safety and for the impact of different weather and wind conditions), as well as in the design and manufacture, requiring moulding into precise rounded, cylindrical and hybrid forms. The approach of adding a new skin to an existing building, rather than demolishing it, makes sense conceptually as well as economically. Staff working in the building did not have to be relocated at any time during the building process. Architects: Building Inc/B Pingeot Master of Works: SNC Drugstore Publicis Contractor: COTEBA Photo: Publicis