The Betuweroute - a major infrastructure project, NL

The Betuweroute is a major multi-disciplinary infrastructure project of both national and international significance.

Starting at the port of Rotterdam, this 160km-long transport axis extends to the German hinterland. Within the Netherlands it will become the main freight transport artery. In this way the disturbance caused by freight transport on passenger rail tracks will be relieved. The city centres will become safer and there will be less inconvenience from the noise of night trains. The Grontmij - De Weger consortium worked on this project for more than fifteen years. The consortium carried out a wide range of works in relation to the construction of the Betuweroute: preparatory works, design, preparation of tender documents and supervision of the construction of parts of the Betuweroute. The consortium was also involved in all the ancillary activities necessary for the interface between the project and its surroundings, such as the submission of thousands of requests for approvals, the preparation of changes to 27 zoning-plans, the realignment of 1700 utilities, landscape design and environmental ground investigations. The 160km-long transport axis consists of a connecting chain of track and engineering works, without any intermediate stations or level crossings, with a container interchange point and numerous bridges, tunnels and viaduct. It not only required alterations to the crossing infrastructure, but also, because of the bundling with the A15 motorway, alterations to junctions along this motorway.