Marmaray Tunnel Project - Turkey

Increase in the population of Istanbul and related surge in the traffic problems have necessitated the improvement of public transportation systems. The Marmaray Project goals are to improve the existing double track railway system between Sirkeci – Halkali to a more modern and higher technological level, and to provide improved uninterrupted speed railway transportation on both sides of Istanbul by combining the lines on both sides with a tunnel crossing the Istanbul Strait, and thus reducing pollution by cutting traffic congestion. Consideration was given to adding a new line to the existing two lines; one line for inter-city passenger and goods trains and two lines for a high-quality commuter network. All the sub and superstructures of the system will be renewed by E & M systems and stations, providing Istanbul with a 76 km metro system in the East – West axis. This is one of the unique projects of the world with regard to the engineering, construction and management methods to be applied. Project data : ? Total railway length: 76.3 km ? At grade section length: 63 km ? Bored & cut-cover tunnel length: 11,5 km ? Immersed tunnel length: 1.387 km ? Max. depth of immersed tunnel : 56 m ? N°. of Stations: 41 (4 underground, 37 at-grade stations) ? Yard and workshop: 3 ea. (Gebze, Haydarpasa, Halkali) ? Headway: 2-10 minutes ? Passenger capacity: 75.000 passenger / hr / one way ? Number of vehicles needed: 440 ? Project cost: US $ 2.6 billion The Consultant : AVRASYA JV [PCI (Japan)-Yuksel Proje (Turkey)-Oricon (Japan)-JART(Japan) in association with PBI (USA)-SIAL(Turkey-Terzibasoglu (Turkey)]