Pedal Power

GRUBER Assist is an ultra-light drive for mountain, trekking and touring bikes.

With a battery-driven motor weighing only 900g, and a retrofit kit that makes it virtually invisible in most brands of bicycle, the motor action is activated or deactivated as required by pressing a button fitted to the handlebar. It can provide 200 Watts additional power, increasing performance by up to 100% for 1,5 hours, providing extra speed on flat terrain or power for a hill climb. This project was nominated for the 2007 Austrian Consulting Prize. The jury recognised the technology that had resulted in such a light motor, and its adaptability to most models of bicycle. The engine combines the sporting nature of biking with allowances for the time, efficiency or health constraints of the rider. It is also an important training tool for healthy or convalescing competition bikers, allowing them to avoid over-exertion. Finally, the jury acknowledged the product’s potential to generate employment and exports. Ingenieurbüro f. Maschinenbau & Elektrotechnik Mintscheff, Innsbruck