Architecture “Ideas Workshop”

In the 21st century, city-centre living has returned to popularity.

Architects need strategies reaching into land-use regulation and urban and regional planning in order to realize sustainable projects. The Austrian architectural bureau “nonconform" has developed an unconventional, highly successful methodology to deal with the challenges of providing sustainable solutions that enhance the quality of living, and respect urban and regional planning rules & regulations. The architects literally move into the local community on a temporary basis, and run concept-workshops - “nonconform on-site” - to bring together all stakeholders. Clients, local authorities, residents etc. are encouraged to participate in each planning phase, drawing on the advice of experts (in energy, finance, marketing, sociology etc.) in a process of trust and transparency, with shared responsibility for an optimal solution. The resulting ideas and concepts are analysed, filtered and developed to generate feasible and sustainable solutions. With its innovative approach to urban planning, nonconform has already given many communities the chance to maintain, or increase, their population level, while raising the quality of life and promoting citizenship. The jury of the 2008 Austrian State Prize for Consulting rewarded this successful concept with the special "Jury Prize". Photos - courtesy of Paul Ott.

Nonconform architektur vor ort ZT KG, Vienna, Austria