Lighting up Changi Airport, Singapore

Next time you pass through Changi Airport’s Terminal 3, take a look at the ceiling.

The roof has skylights with aluminium reflectors and perforated “butterfly wings” on the underside which automatically adjust to the sun’s position, illuminating the terminal with up to 750 lx of glare-free daylight. At night, exterior-mounted artificial lighting provides improved thermal conditions. Broad beamed “floodlighting” of the counter zones creates soft illumination of the ceiling. Shielding ensures a comfortable environment and optimum vision, with illumination of 350 to 400 lx. The customised technology ensures huge energy savings on artificial lighting and air-conditioning; it provides a daylight atmosphere and is in harmony with the architects’ concept. The jury of the 2008 Austrian State Prize for Consulting commended the project as a showpiece of Austrian engineering skill and consultancy. It appreciated the judicious and creative use of technology in respect of the local architecture, the function of the building and the climate. The success of the technical solution was highlighted, and in particular the methodology of analysis and design, based on studying models under artificially produced weather conditions. The jury also pointed to the ecological aspects, with a significant reduction of energy for lighting and cooling to minimize environmental impact.

Bartenbach Lichtlabor GmbH, Aldrans/Innsbruck, Austria