Tripoli Metro revision

UVATERV Engineering Consultants Ltd. prepared the Preliminary Study of the Tripoli Metro in 1985.

This feasibility study contained several variants regarding alignment, station locations and technical solutions. After several discussions and resulting modifications, the preferred network was selected and approved in 1991. In 2007 a new contract was concluded for the revision of the above Preliminary Study. The aim of this revision work was primarily to take into account technical developments since the initial approval of the study. The Consultant also had to study the effects of some new projects and to propose modifications to the alignment and stations, where necessary. The network consists of three lines. Line A runs parallel to the Mediterranean coast connecting Janzur and Tajura through Tripoli city centre. Line B connects the Ain Zara region with the city centre and then runs to the future railway station and to the International Airport. Line C forms a semi-circle around the city centre, connecting the two other lines. The total length of the network is 104 km. The length of the first implementation phase is 43 km. It contains deep, subsurface, on the surface and elevated sections. During the preparation of the revision work, the Consultant was requested to prepare an informative documentation to enable the client to start with the selection process of the contractor for the first implementation phase. Construction may start in 2009 in a Design & Build scheme.

Uvaterv Engineering Consultants Ltd.