Bandirma 1 Combined Circle Power Plant

Bandirma 1 CCPP (Combined Circle Power Plant) is located in Southern Coast of The Marmara Sea, Turkey. Bandirma HEPP is integrated to the cooling water system with the purpose of supplying the internal energy demand of the CCPP. 28.73 GWh energy is being generated with 3.28 MW installed capacity. Pumped sea water reaches to Bandirma HEPP after being used in the cooling process of Bandirma 1 CCPP. Axis level of the turbine is 1 m below the sea level and constructed on a fill in the sea . The gross head is 30.70 m. All connections necessary for the integration of the HEPP system to the existing CCPP system were made in 3 day pre-planned maintenance aimed shut-down duration of the CCPP. Connection of tailwater system of Bandirma HEPP to the existing discharge pipeline of the cooling water system of Bandirma 1 CCPP is a real challenge since it is made by expertized divers in sea water with no clear vision conditions. Final design and implementation projects are carried out by ERGES . The system is operational since June 2014.