Fergana Valley Water Resources Management

The Fergana Valley Water Resources Management Project Phase-I (FWRMP), which is World Bank funded, has been devised to address constraints on agricultural productivity in parts of the Uzbekistan territory lying within the Fergana Valley (FV).

In addition, it seeks to tackle chronic problems of waterlogging which are affecting infrastructure and buildings within this part of the FV. TEMELSU International Engineering Services Inc. in association with Mott MacDonald was not only the author of the project but acts as the Engineer during implementation which is to finish late 2015. The most invincible technical innovation is the combined drainage system which consists of horizontal drainage enforced by pressure relief wells (PRWs) located along the drain placed in the impermeable cover silts and connected to vertical flowing wells with their water intake portion in a well-permeable underlying layer.

Advantages of the combined drainage include: low construction costs, no power consumption, low operational costs, simplicity in operation, and shorter desalination period. More than 1400 PRWs have already been constructed yielding up to 10 l/s, which is 3-4 times than expected, resulting in the solution of waterlogging related social problems.