Bosphorus Bridge and Marmara Highway

It is foreseen that with this highway; the traffic density in Istanbul and over the existing Bosphorus bridges will be reduced. Vehicles will be able to transit pass and Istanbul traffic in the inner city and on current Bosphorus bridges will decrease, which will ensure considerable fuel save (reduced emission of exhaust gasses will lead to a healthier environment).The Highway will also provide a connection between the 3. Airport and the city centre.

The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge will be the first of its kind in many respects.

Once completed, the bridge will have the following features:

  • The widest suspension bridge of the world with a width of 59 metres
  • The longest suspension bridge of the world with a rail system of 1,048 metres
  • A suspension bridge with the highest tower in the world with a height of 322 metres