Troja Bridge

Troja Bridge

Flat steel network arch with pre-stressed concrete bridge deck slab, span 200.4 m. Troja Bridge represents a major step forward in structural efficiency. By reconfiguring the hangers of the classic bowstring arch from a conventional vertical arrangement to a diagonal one, it has dramatically improved the bridge’s performance. The continuous network arrangement of 200 hangers allows uniform load distribution, and thus reduces local bending stress in the arch and bridge deck slab and multiplies the stiffness of the bridge. The basic theme of the bridge elegance is the ratio of the rise to span 1/10. The bridge of the total width of 35 m accommodates two tram lines in the middle and two-lane roadway and sidewalkon either deck side. Dynamic testing showed that the dynamic response to the effects of live load is effectively damped due to the concrete deck which ensures comfort of pedestrians on the sidewalks. Monolithic concrete deck slab, thickness of 280 mm, is prestressed in transverse and longitudinal direction and supported in the transverse direction by precast prestressed beams in the axial distance of 4 m. Troja bridge meets the requirements for a truly sustainable structure, because it affects the society for its elegance and performance and has lower material consumption. Whereas the box cross section of the steel arch has a minimum surface and prestressed concrete deck is free of cracks , the bridge has greater design life and low maintenance costs.

Mott MacDonald CZ in Prague prepared the preliminary, tender and detailed design for the new bridge.

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