Sariyer Haciosman Urban Forest is designed in an area of 1.080.440 m2. The main aims of the project are to meet the needs of the neighborhood, the district and the city recreation and entertainment and preservation of plantation grove and ecology. The forest and its surrounding ise a first degree natural protected areas.

The Project area is desinged as nature, flower, adventure and tale parks. Nature park comprises children playgrounds, fitness, picnic and resting area. Flower park includes pools of flowers, lakes and festival area, natural walking paths and silent (private) places. Advanture park includes activity place, climbing parkours and paintball areas. Tale park includes attractive play and enjoyable game areas. In addition, different pedestrian ways, race courses, parking area for car and otobus, cafes, restaurants, offices, kiosks are designed.

Employer: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Contractor: Mescioglu Engineering and Consultancy Corporation