Highway connection by Viale Lombardia Landscaping

The Project focused on an important traffic route by giving it a new meaning: no more element of division between parts of the city, but connection and union between neighbourhoods. The project began in 2013 resulting in a design exercise of environmental development through the green. Putting underground the primary road network along a stretch of 2 km, the above five hectares area was destined to become a park where the road, the bicycle paths, and spacious sidewalks are joined by bands of connective green, mitigation green and flowerbed traffic islands, with more than 9750 decorative grass family. In the new urban system, landscaping design green areas anchored to the vegetable weave, emphasizing the urban section of the territory landscape and characters, through planting lines of trees and hedges of shrubs and groups of other species (more than 10 thousand). It has been taken into account the different configurations that these essences will assume in time and calling for each of them in the right position.

The landscaping intervention, still ongoing, but in evident progress, has already handed a more functional and safe road back to the Monza's community, also integrating urban locations left on fringe before.