FIDIC - EFCA Committee on Sustainable Development

Terms of reference (pdf)


EFCA - FIDIC SD Committee


EFCA and FIDIC board considering sustainable development as a major issue for the consulting engineering industry, their clients and society, decided to join their efforts in a commom committee called “Sustainable Development Committee” with the following terms of reference.

The committee has to prepare and implement  FIDIC general action plan on sustainable development once approved by FIDIC  board or representative of it, and EFCA  action plan on sustainable development to European institutions  once approved by EFCA board or representative of it.

Membership will be opened to any representative  of member of  EFCA or FIDIC, appointed by one or the other federation, considering the need of a balanced participation of all type of EFCA and FIDIC members.

The EFCA and FIDIC boards will nominate jointly the chair of that committee and  members  of the  SD Committee board,  who are in charge making decision on the committee recommendation when no large consensus may emerge from the SD committee members.

Observer members may be appointed.

Secretariat of the SD committee will be managed by EFCA staff which will work in tandem with FIDIC staff which will be permanent  invited member of the SD Committee..

EFCA and FIDC boards will nominate one or more of their board members to follow up the SD committee who will be permanent invited members of the SD Committee.. They will be informed by Secretariat of the SD committee of ongoing works and be in charge to inform the committee of the Boards decision.

Scope of works of the SD committee is  based on 5 pillars

TOOLS: to develop tools for to the Consulting engineering industry practice on sustainable development, and supports to their use

TRAINING: to develop supports for training sessions dedicated to Sustainable development and implement them with relevant partners

COMMUNICATION:  to prepare EFCA and FIDIC relevant communication on Sustainable development, to be implemented by EFCA and/or FIDIC.

MONITORING AND LOBBYING: the European institutions (European Commission, European parliament,  CEN/CENELEC …) on issues related to sustainable development, on behalf and with approval of the EFCA board

MONITORING AND LOBBYING:  the international institutions (UNEP,  ISO, ICC, …) on behalf and with approval of the FIDIC  board or of its representative.

GOOD PRACTICE; exchange between the committee members available to all EFCA and FIDIC members.

Here annexed  the Committee Road map updated April 2013 that is consistent with that scope of works. Il will be revised according  EFCA and FIDIC boards decisions.

Ongoing actions of the EFCA-FIDIC SD Committee Up dated 13_04_19

Member List

Chair's Report (2019)

Members' Projects

Kifissia office complex
This three-storey office complex in N. Kifissia (Athens) consists of three buildings that create two independent volumes with unified common spaces. The complex unfolds around the perimeter of the site. Surrounded by the buildings, a common courtyard acts as an access point to all buildings. The internal circulation spaces (staircases, corridors) also face onto the courtyard.