Archive of Meetings

Event Date/Time Place
EFCA GAM & Conference 2017 02/06/2017 Copenhagen
EFCA GAM & Conference 2016 03/06/2016 Sofia
OICE International Forum on BIM 20/04/2016 Milan
EFCA GAM & Conference 2015 28/05/2015 Oslo
EBRD - EFCA Seminar 13/11/2014 Brussels
EFCA GAM and Conference 2014 23/05/2014 Warsaw
EBRD conference on Abnormally Low Tenders under works contracts 15/10/2013 London
Best Value Procurement Workshop 07/10/2013 Amsterdam
FIDIC / MDB conference - presentations available 25/06/2012 Brussels
EFCA GAM and Conference 2012 24/05/2012 Lisbon
FIDIC Conference - presentations now available 03/10/2011 Davos, Switzerland
EFCA Conference 2011 - presentations available 27/05/2011 Berlin
EFCA GAM & Conference 2010 27/05/2010 Rome
Roundtable on Procurement Rules for Public Services contracts 18/11/2008 Brussels
EFCA-FEACO seminar : Role, quality and financial management of development assistance 30/10/2008 Brussels
Young Professionals Study Trip to Brussels 08/10/2008 Brussels
YP Study Trip to Brussels 10/10/2007 Brussels
EIB-EFCA-FEACO Seminar on "EIB lending outside the EU" 28/06/2007 Brussels
EIB-EFCA-FEACO Seminar on “Financing Cleaner Energy” 15/06/2007 Brussels
EFCA GAM & Conference 2007 07/06/2007 Rhodes
EIB-EFCA-FEACO Seminar on Financing for Research & Development 14/12/2006 Brussels
EFCA-FIDIC GAM & Conference 2006 (International Consulting Engineering Conference) 24/09/2006 Budapest
Seminar - Building in Safety - 2 years after "Constructing for Safety & Health in Europe 21/09/2006 Brussels
EIB-EFCA-FEACO Seminar on regional development programmes 29/05/2006 Brussels
EFCA GAM & Conference 2005 28/05/2005 Krakow
EFCA Forum 2005 24/02/2005 Brussels
ACE, ECCE & EFCA Seminar 21/10/2004 Brussels
EFCA GAM & Conference 2004 22/05/2004 Istanbul
EFCA GAM & Conference 2003 31/05/2003 Madrid
EFCA / FEACO Seminar 21/03/2002 Brussels

Members' Projects

Noordwijk - safeguarding the Dutch coastline
A rise in the sea level is expected as a result of climate change. The Netherlands' first and most important lines of defence against the North Sea are the sea dikes and the sand dunes. Recent assessments of the strength of these lines of defence have shown that the coastline has a couple of weak links needing immediate strengthening. One of these is the coastal dune at the popular seaside town of Noordwijk. Grontmij is providing services in relation to the strengthening of this.