Upcoming Conferences & Seminars

Event Date/Time Place
EFCA Committee on Internal Market 14/09/2017 Brussels (11:00-16:00)
EFCA Task Force on BIM 15/09/2017 TBD
EFCA-FIDIC Committee on Sustainable Development 01/10/2017 Jakarta
EFCA BoD meeting 13/10/2017 Budapest (12-13/10/2017)
EFCA Committee on European External Aid 24/10/2017 Brussels
EFCA Directors & Secretaries General meeting 17/11/2017 Zürich
EFCA BoD meeting 08/12/2017 Brussels

Members' Projects

SHARON - a sustainable system – Garmerwolde, NL
Grontmij, as main contractor and owner of the proprietary SHARON technology, is responsible for the design and construction of the SHARON system at the wastewater treatment plant in Garmerwolde, the Netherlands. Grontmij will also operate the SHARON for one year.