EFCA announces the Young Professional of the Year 2014   

EFCA is delighted to announce that Stefan Schmidt (Denmark) is the winner of the fifth edition of the EFCA Young Professionals competition.

A total of 19 young professionals from nine countries entered the high-level contest.

The winner, Stefan Schmidt, is 33 years old and works for NIRAS. He recently won the 2014 FRI Young Professional of the Year Award which automatically registered him to participate in EFCA’s. He is the Business Unit Director for the Water, Energy and Nature Unit. For his winning project, “Truelsbjerg Waterworks – The Waterworks of the Future”, Stefan was the client advisor to Aarhus Vand and project manager.

The waterworks’ futuristic vision and objectives were achieved thanks to using state-of-the-art materials that live up to high-quality standards such as:

  • Using hydrological modelling of water movement to create a fitting
  • unique storage tank made of stainless steel.
  • All in a closed pressurised system.

With this, Stefan wins a trip to Warsaw to participate in the 21-23 May EFCA – SIDiR 2014 conference and the YP sessions, where he will be invited to present his project.

Congratulations are also in order for the two runners-up: Brian Lahiff (Ireland) and Jesper Pedersen (Denmark).

Brian Lahiff, 32, working as a Chartered Engineer for Garland Consultancy, has also won the ACEI Young Professional Engineer of the Year 2014 Award prior to joining our competition. He has successfully led a substantial number of design projects in the Healthcare, Industrial, Commercial, and Educational sector.

Jesper Pedersen, 33, is a Senior Project Manager for Rambøll Denmark. He was nominated for the FRI Young Professional of the Year 2014 Award. His strong communication skills and professional approach to consultancy make him a top of the class when it comes to building and maintaining business relationships.

Both of them will receive an award of €500 to be used in participating in the EFCA conference in Warsaw.

Honorary mentions go to the following candidates:

·         Thomas Barth, 34, Norway

·         Søren Møller, 33, Denmark

·         Cécile Clément, 32, France

·         Ruud Raaijmakers, 31, The Netherlands

·         Mateusz Hypki, 24, Poland

·         Emrah Øztunc, 27, Denmark

·         Anna-Leena Raij, 31, Finland

Certificates will be presented during the 22 May YP session in the conference in Warsaw.

You can find a list of all who participated here.



Members' Projects

Austria : Robot therapy for stroke victims
There are 20,000 stroke victims per year in Austria, and some 15 million worldwide. In 80% of these cases, damage to the central nervous system reduces motor functions. Improved therapeutic treatment raises the quality of life, and can even lead to a return to work in some cases.