EFCA launches guidance on transposition of new public procurement directive   

At a seminar on the recast of the European public procurement directives, expert speakers examined the challenges involved in the transposition of the European legislation, particularly in the sector of intellectual services.

Provisions of Directive 2014/24/EU are consistent with the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. They may result in significant changes to the missions that will be assigned to engineering firms and their role in public procurement.

Certain provisions of the Directive are left to the discretion of Member States. At the time of transposition, it is important to ensure the equal implementation into national law, in respect of the letter and spirit of the Directive.

In this context, EFCA elaborated recommendations for national transpositions that are aimed at encouraging innovative engineering procurement and high quality results.

Guidance: "Issues relating to the implementation of the new directive".


Introduction to the new public procurement directive by Jaap de Koning.
"Contract award procedures & selection / award criteria" by Claudio Romanini.
"Life Cycle Costing–Towards new standards?" by Antonio Paparella.
"Best Value @ EFCA Selecting on expertise" by Johannes Hiemstra.