What urban agenda should the EU adopt?   

The Commission launched a public consultation that will run until 26 September.

Should the future urban agenda target a few key priorities or be designed as a broader general framework, meant to draw attention to the urban dimension of policies?

The purpose of the consultation is to widen debate to all stakeholders and to gather their ideas on the need for an EU urban agenda, what its objectives should be and how it could function.

Full details on the consultation are available at http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/consultation/urb_agenda/index_en.cfm.

Members' Projects

Noordwijk - safeguarding the Dutch coastline
A rise in the sea level is expected as a result of climate change. The Netherlands' first and most important lines of defence against the North Sea are the sea dikes and the sand dunes. Recent assessments of the strength of these lines of defence have shown that the coastline has a couple of weak links needing immediate strengthening. One of these is the coastal dune at the popular seaside town of Noordwijk. Grontmij is providing services in relation to the strengthening of this.