EFCA announces the Young Professional of the Year 2015   

EFCA is delighted to announce that Anne Moloney (Denmark) is the winner of the sixth edition of the EFCA Young Professionals competition.

A total of 17 young professionals from 7 countries entered the high-level contest.

The winner, Anne Moloney, is 33 years old and works for Rambøll. She is a senior project manager. For her winning project, “The Queensferry Crossing”, Anne worked on many aspects of the project during the last 3.5 years. For the past 1.5 years, Anne was the overall Project Manager for Rambøll Denmark within the Design Joint Venture.

The project, which in addition to the main bridge includes a new motorway with numerous road bridges, is one of largest bridge projects in Northern Europe and the largest civil engineering project in Scotland for a generation.

To complete her duties regarding the design of this impressive project, Anne had to rely on her excellent communication skills and team of 35 people.

With this, Anne wins a trip to Oslo to participate in the 28-29 May EFCA – RIF 2015 conference and the YP sessions, where she will be invited to present her project.

The jury also congratulates the two runners-up: Francesca Del Din (Denmark) and Marek Foglar (Czech Republic).

Francesca Del Din, 27 years old, works as a pipeline engineer at Rambøll. In the Gina Krog Field Development project, she has been assigned the role of engineering manager. She proved herself capable in technical design and managing her team members in the project.

Marek Fogler is 34 years old and works as a Senior Engineer for SUDOP PRAHA in Prague. For the Negrelli Viaduct project, he had to take on the triple responsibility of being project manager, chief bridge engineer, and responsible bridge engineer for the reconstruction of historical 1400m long bridge.

Both of them will receive an award of €500 to be used in participating in the EFCA conference in Oslo.

Honorary mentions go to the following candidates:

  • José Manuel González Parejo, 35, Spain
  • Steffen E. Maagaard, 33, Denmark
  • Paus Kim Aleksander Haukeland, 33, Norway
  • Harmen Kievit, 27, The Netherlands
  • Dirk Schlarmann, 33, Germany
  • Ana Contreras Escribano, 35, Spain
  • Jan Losko, 31, Czech Republic

Certificates will be presented during the 29 May Award Ceremony of the conference in Oslo. Conference website: http://www.ccnorway.no/efca2015/ 

You can find a list of all who participated here.