Consulting engineering firms from Portugal, Ireland, Serbia and Spain generate between 45 and 75% of total turnover from exports   

Do you want to know more about biannual trends and expectations amongst European consulting engineers?

The latest EFCA Barometer report shows that the sector is reflecting the recovery course of the general European economy.

The industry has managed to keep a steady level of order stock and remain profitable. However, any intake of new staff and development of the industry based on high growth in private and public demand has not happened in 2015.

Download the EFCA Barometer report here.

The European Commission's autumn forecast is available at:

Members' Projects

Austria : Robot therapy for stroke victims
There are 20,000 stroke victims per year in Austria, and some 15 million worldwide. In 80% of these cases, damage to the central nervous system reduces motor functions. Improved therapeutic treatment raises the quality of life, and can even lead to a return to work in some cases.