EFCA argues for stronger involvement and visibility in identification phase of projects   

To prepare bankable projects in the EU partner countries, the European Commission should create enabling environments for European engineering consultancies.


In a follow-up letter to DG DEVCO (International Cooperation and Development), EFCA highlights our industry’s key role in providing knowledge and experience in quality investment projects under the EU blending frameworks.

EFCA also reiterated its request for early and easy access to all relevant information on business opportunities, preferably through the use of a single centralised website.


Finally, EFCA proposed to DG DEVCO to reconsider the introduction of a traineeship scheme in each and every development project. Such scheme would allow tenderers to propose young staff (recent graduates and with less than 5 years of experience) and to recover the cost through a specific budget line in the reimbursable expenses of the financial offer.

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Apollo Bridge - Bratislava, Slovakia
The Apollo Bridge spans the river Danube close to the historical centre of Bratislava. The bridge has been designed to carry the city traffic, and to serve pedestrians and cyclists.