Do you want to be recognised as the rising talent by the European industry leaders?   

The deadline for the 2017 EFCA YP competition is rapidly approaching: up to 5 entries per country are expected by 31 March 2017.

The jury that will assess the projects and shortlist of up to ten candidates. The jury is composed of Maurizio Boi (Italy), Kari Harsunen (Finland) and Nikola Matic (Serbia).


At the end of April, all short-listed candidates - and all interested YPs -will be invited to make themselves available to participate in the YP Forum (Copenhagen, 1 June 2017).


The overall winner, runners-up and honorary mentions will be formally announced at the 2 June 2017 Conference in Copenhagen.

Members' Projects

Noordwijk - safeguarding the Dutch coastline
A rise in the sea level is expected as a result of climate change. The Netherlands' first and most important lines of defence against the North Sea are the sea dikes and the sand dunes. Recent assessments of the strength of these lines of defence have shown that the coastline has a couple of weak links needing immediate strengthening. One of these is the coastal dune at the popular seaside town of Noordwijk. Grontmij is providing services in relation to the strengthening of this.