EFCA BAROMETER autumn 2017 - State of the consulting engineering sector   

According to the latest EFCA Barometer market conditions are positive for the coming six months.

Market signals are positive: twelve out of 20 countries have seen an increase in the average order stock of the consulting engineering companies.

As a result, turnover is also increasing. Eleven out of 20 countries expect the total turnover of the consulting engineering industry in their country to increase. Profitability is improving.

The average EBITDA-ratio in Europe was 5.1% in 2016. Profitability is expected to improve or remain stable in 2017 and 2018 in all countries except Greece (2017) and Belgium (2018).

Finally, there is an expectation that numbers of staff will increase in eight out of 20 countries.

In conclusion, activity in the consulting engineering industry in Europe is stable and improving. The market is good or very good in 12 out of 20 countries. Only Greece is expected to face continued difficulties.

The main challenges facing European consulting engineers are low fees and lack of qualified staff. Moreover, political uncertainty is affecting the market, because some factors are not predictable such as the Brexit-related uncertainty, self-proclaimed independence of Catalonia, the geopolitical tensions and security threats in Europe.

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