Announcement of the EFCA Young Professionals Competition 2018   

We are delighted to launch herewith the ninth edition of the EFCA Young Professionals competition. This event is open to all professionals aged 35 and under and working for firms in the membership of your national association. It aims at highlighting the talent of Europe’s next generation of leaders in our sector and at demonstrating the diversity and attractiveness of a career in our sector.

The competition also presents the opportunity for you, the Member Associations, to reach the YP population in your membership, and promote the added value of your national association and the EFCA network to both YPs and their managers.

The competition is enriched by the quality and quantity of entrants, which is growing year on year. For 2018, we aim to make this event even more popular. We would like to see at least one entry from each of the national member associations, and we count on your support to reach this target.


The winner will be invited to Berlin on 9-11 September 2018 to participate in the FIDIC – EFCA - VBI conference and YP meetings at EFCA’s cost, including travel and accommodation expenses.

The second and third prize winners will be awarded a support of €500, to be used for participation in the event.

The jury will also select a number of candidates to receive an honorary mention.

The place and time of the award ceremony at which certificates will be presented to the winners and honorary mentions will be communicated any time soon. The winner will be invited to make a brief presentation of his or her project.

This year’s winner, Paul Doherty, is 31 years old and is the Managing Director and one of the founding partners of specialist geotechnical engineering consultancy, Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions (GDG).

For his winning entry “The Irish Rail Cutting and Embankment Decision Support Tool Project”, Paul developed and successfully delivered the final software programme that is now one of the most sophisticated risk ranking systems used by transport network managers worldwide.


How do the MAs participate?

The MAs promote the competition to their member firms, collate the entries, check that the submissions are complete, and then forward them to the EFCA secretariat by the deadline, 31 March 2018.

Each MA may nominate up to 5 candidates.

How do the YPs participate?

The YPs prepare their submission according to the rules (below) and submit it to the national association by a given deadline (in advance of the EFCA deadline).

Conditions of nomination

1. Age limit: 35 years

2. Having the ambition to become a leader or owner in their professional career

3. Having already made an interesting contribution to at least one project

·         In their field of expertise, e.g., a novel design, and/or

·         As a professional (manager), e.g., development of an environmental, innovative, sustainable, energy or cost-saving solution.

How to enter

The candidate completes the entry form and sends it to the MA.

All materials are requested to be submitted in English or accompanied by an English translation.

The MA will send the entry/entries to the EFCA secretariat by electronic means to the following address: It is strongly recommended to use a system such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. The preferred format for filenames is

Country - Family Name - First Name.

EFCA will e-mail a return receipt to the member association. If you do not receive one, please contact the secretariat without delay.


The jury, which will be comprised of members of the EFCA Board of Directors, will base its decision on the following evaluation criteria:

·         The candidate’s achievements to date, e.g., business status (relative to age), awards, education

·         Their ability to communicate effectively with the client (section B.4)

·         The elements of innovation and sustainability in the presented project

·         The candidate’s endorsements by the line manager/client/end user

·         Contributions to Consulting Engineering Industry and Association

Excess material will be negatively evaluated, as will documents in languages other than English.

In their evaluation, the judges will pay special attention to elements of sustainability, innovation and communication.

Timing & Results

The deadline for delivery of entries by the Member Associations to the EFCA Secretariat is 31 March 2018.

Participants will be contacted at the end of April/beginning of May with the EFCA Jury’s decision.

EFCA YP group

The Young Professionals network is expanding, and has developed close links with the FIDIC YP group over the last few years. The newsletter can be downloaded from the YP section of the website. A forum will be organized by and for the YPs in connection with the meetings in Berlin in September 2018.

The YP group is supported by the EFCA Board of Directors, and we encourage you to link your national YP movement to the European network. The EFCA group can also provide support and advice in establishing a national YP group. For further details, please contact, check the YP section of the website and join the “Young Professionals within EFCA” group on LinkedIn.



Members' Projects

Grontmij head office
Grontmij has developed, in close cooperation with the property developer ViRiX, a state of the art sustainable office to function as the head office of Grontmij in Belgium.