EFCA announces the Young Professional of the Year   


EFCA is delighted to announce that Julien Dupont (France) is the winner of the fourth edition of the EFCA Young Professionals competition.

A total of 28 Young Professionals from 9 countries entered the high-level contest.

The winner, Julien Dupont is still very young and working at SAFEGE. He is selected because of his strong and significant endorsement of the project. The project concerns the design and installation of a new drinking water supply station in Phnom Penh (Cambodia). Julien was appointed to guide to the Prime Minister of France, Jean-Marc Ayrault, who came to visit the site in February 2013.

The ambitious objectives of the new management of the Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA), including very low water tariffs, were achieved thanks to:

  • an innovating system of variable speed pumps, bringing substantial energy savings
  • the introduction of a probability decision management system, contributing to a much higher reliability in water supply
  • a strong communication and training plan, convincing the local staff using the more complex technical equipment.

Julien wins a trip to Barcelona to participate in the 16-17 September 2013 FIDIC Conference and YP session on the 18 September Business Day, where the competition awards will be presented and Julien will be invited to present his winning project.

Congratulations also go to the two runners-up: Gonçalo Rocheta Mateus, 31 (Portugal) and Anne Rosborg, 33 (Denmark).

Gonçalo, a structural design engineer, works at COBA. Both his employer and client praise his understanding of the customer’s needs and translating these into economical and reliable technical solutions, thereby respecting highly demanding and challenging project schedules.

He has strong communication and management skills with customers, the company's internal teams and the contractors.

Anne works at COWI. This year, she won the FRI ‘Young Professional of the Year’ award.

She has an exceptional ability to make all the parties involved join forces and develop new innovative solution as the project proceeds.

Both runners-up won € 500 towards the costs of their participation at the FIDIC conference and YP session  in Barcelona.

Honorary mentions go to the following candidates: 

  • Zonco, Audrey (F)
  • Vaeggemose, Stefan (DK)
  • Davidsen, Thomas Japp (DK)
  • Vrang, Kristoffer (DK)
  • Gonçalo, Tavares (P)
  • Lavirotte, Jean-Rémi (F)
  • Bordas, Anna Maria (F)

Certificates will be presented during the 18 September morning YP session in Barcelona.

FIDIC offers a discount rate to Young Professionals under the age of 40.

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