Future Trends in the Consulting Engineering Industry (May 2019)

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EFCA Booklet 'BIM and ISO 19650 from a project management perspective'

EFCA guidelines to help project managers optimise the use of ISO 19650

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Future Trends in the Consulting Engineering Industry (June 2018)

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Interview EFCA President Kevin Rudden (September 2018)

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Comparative study about consulting engineers’ liability and insurance requirements across Europe

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Issues on implementation of the new directive on public procurement (2014/24/EU)

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Guidance - Contracting in industrial sectors - Principles for general contract clauses

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RETHINK CITIES - FIDIC/EFCA White Paper for a holistic approach to urban development through cooperation, systems and synergies (Sept 2013)

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New EFCA guide to assist firms involved in integrated business models

Many owners today want an arrangement where a single source is responsible and accountable for all phases the construction business process. The firms will have to learn how to integrate the clients’ needs into their modus operandi and business strategy.

The free EFCA guide is intended as a quick reference for engineering consultancy firms, working outside the traditional design-bid-build approach and contracting relationships.

An integrated project process implies high demands on teamwork and a focus on results.

Such an integrated approach is also reshaping relationships among contractors, engineering consultants and clients. Moreover, it has an impact on the way they work together, and the liabilities and risks they assume.

It is in the firms’ interest to understand the various roles they can play in these delivery methods throughout all phases of project development - as well as the risks and benefits such integrated project delivery methods entail.

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Taking hold of our future – A briefing paper for the engineering consultancy industry

The new EFCA publication aims to guide the firms in their strategic thinking and planning and to provide basic directions for deciding what to do and how to do it.

The strategic document is recommended reading for anyone in engineering consultancy firms involved in determining where the firm is going over the next year(s) and how it is going to get there.

It analyses global challenges, market opportunities, the engineering consultancy industry, the business environment and helps to reveal the building blocks for a strategy to take the firm towards its vision.

EFCA’s European Consulting Future Committee also produced two presentations that are intended to be used at briefings and seminars in the firms as well as in the national associations.

The first presentation, ’Taking hold of our future – a roadmap for change’, should assist in discussions on the firms’ business and strategic planning horizons in a systematic way whilst the second focuses on project delivery methods.

Also the 25 May 2012 EFCA Conference in Lisbon, ‘Developing the engineering world – Winning strategies’ will address markets and growth strategies. It will offer a platform for debate to help the firms direct their corporate vision and business strategy.

Order a printed version (EUR 20 + 6% VAT/copy). August 2011.

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EFCA Guidance on Procurement of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

The latest publication from EFCA clarifies procurement of PPPs in the context of EU procurement rules and Treaty principles. It also addresses the industry’s concerns and difficulties.

Properly procured infrastructure PPP projects can provide optimal benefit to governments and society. However, all stakeholders need to have a broad understanding of PPPs and also the regulatory issues surrounding them.

This guide identifies critical issues for engineering consultancies that relate to the use of a PPP structure, the definition of project scope and performance standards, the evaluation of risk transfers, the interfaces between all parties and the contract award.

Order a printed version (EUR 20 + 6% VAT/copy). March 2011

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Comparative Study about consulting engineers’ liability and insurance requirements across Europe

The EFCA booklet gives a structured overview of the variation in liability regimes and insurance systems between member states.

This publication is an initiative of the Liability & Insurance Committee, and is based upon responses to a survey in 2009 by the member associations of 13 representative European countries, namely Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

It has been analysed and compiled by independent legal experts, but is not a detailed legal study; firms interested in exploring foreign markets are advised to refer to legal specialists for extensive guidance.

Order a printed version (EUR 20/copy). January 2011.

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Introduction for engineering consultancies on tendering for EU development assistance

Written by practitioners for (future) practitioners, it explains the way the European Commission implements development assistance and shows the priority areas of EU development funding and the processes by which projects are identified. It sets out key steps in the process from the identification of tender opportunities through to the development of tenders and their evaluation. In each of these steps, it offers practical advice to engineering consultancies. Moreover, it complements existing guidance as the industry itself highlights points for consideration by firms wishing to move into development cooperation. 

The booklet is fully consistent with the relevant EU legal provisions. It was entirely reviewed by the EuropeAid Cooperation Office, and carries a foreword from Director General Koos Richelle, who welcomed the EFCA initiative. 

This valuable publication is free to EFCA members, and is sold at EUR 25 to non-members. The printed version is out now, and a digital version of the publication will be available shortly. Future updates will also be published in digital form. 

EFCA thanks the members of the European External Aid Committee for their collaboration in this initiative.

Order a printed version (free to EFCA members - EUR 10 to non-members). April 2010.

Award of Consulting Engineering Services : Guidelines for transposition of Directive 2004/18 to national legislation

Directive 2004/18/EC covers the co-ordination of procedures for the award of public works contracts, public supply contracts and public service contracts. This guidance complies with the Directive, and is destined for use by the national public authorities. It is inteded to secure fair and transparent selection and award procedures.

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White Paper on Engineering Consultancy and Innovation (SYNTEC publication - translated by EFCA)

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Designing for Safety in construction (EFCA - ACE publication)

Designing for Safety in construction: Taking account of the ‘general principles of prevention’
September 2006

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Project Financing - Sustainable solutions

Re-assessing the priorities adding value through innovation
May 2001, 32 pages

This document is relevant to private and public sector clients, financial organisations involved in funding private financed projects, contractors who are bidding and managing consortia and engineering consultants who are planning and designing sustainable solutions for such projects.

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EFCA Booklet: BIM and ISO 19650 from a project management perspective

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