EFCA launches the Sector Review 2022

Consulting engineering firms embracing green transition

”Evidence in our latest Sector Review points towards a shift in priorities in consulting engineering firms, aimed at equipping the engineering sector with the appropriate resources to deliver the European priority of the twin green and digital transitions” says Benoît Clocheret, President of EFCA, on the publication of the latest report. “The investment being made, via some notable acquisitions, demonstrates that consulting engineering firms in Europe are putting resources into sustainable infrastructure and buildings, at the same time leading the transition towards more digital construction.”

The EFCA Sector Review 2022 has been compiled by an industry expert combining survey data obtained directly from firms and latest publicly available data. This in-depth report took several months to produce and contains as core elements two tables ranking the top international firms operating in Europe and the top Europe-headquartered companies based on their global turnover.

“As a result of their upstream positioning in the value chain, we have long known that consulting engineers are leading the essential transformation required to implement EU policies aimed at climate resilience. Their strategies will both reverse the unsustainable reliance on resource-depleting and carbon intensive construction practices and join up the various stages of design and construction by switching to digital processes” says Sue Arundale, Director General. “Of course, larger firms have more available capital to lead the industry, but we have not lost sight of SMEs and know that, even as co- or sub-contractors, they can also participate in technical design and work supervision activities that will significantly contribute towards achieving the EU’s climate goals.”

The EFCA Sector Review 2022, which relied on data available at the time of compilation, as well as the press release are available below.

  • 26 January 2023