About EFCA

EFCA - the voice of the European engineering consultancy industry

Introduction to EFCA

EFCA’s mission is to promote the European engineering consultancy industry on a European level and to represent it to the European institutions.

As experts in our field, we work to influence EU legislation on matters that affect our industry, helping us to achieve common European goals such as the promotion of fair competition and transparent procurement rules.

EFCA also provides a dynamic networking platform for its member associations and firms to meet and share experiences, as well as establishing partnerships and alliances with other interest groups.


Our members are all national associations that represent professional engineering consultancy and related services in their own countries. We currently have members from 29 European countries.

General Assembly

EFCA’s General Assembly (GA) is made up of Full, Observer and Associate Member Associations.

The GA appoints members of the Board, approves the accounts and annual budget, admits new members and can amend the federation’s Charter. Only EFCA’s full members have voting rights.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting EFCA’s strategic direction. By formulating clear and specific action plans it ensures that the federation achieves the goals and objectives agreed upon by EFCA’s General Assembly.

Made up of leaders of differing nationalities across many areas of expertise, our Board represents the large diversity of our membership. It meets 5 times a year.


Based in Brussels, the Secretariat is run by the Secretary-General and his team who are responsible for the day-to-day running of EFCA. Charged with the execution and implementation of EFCA’s strategy, lobbying actions and administrative tasks, the Brussels team is also the central communication point between the various EFCA bodies.

Jan Van der Putten

Jan Van der Putten

Secretary General

virginie dalle

Virginie Dalle

Management Assistant

Anne Croisiau

Anne Croisiau

Senior Advisor

Aurélie Anyikoy Ashema

Aurélie Anyikoy Ashema

FL Coordinator

Sofia Lai

Sofia Lai

Communication/Policy Advisor

Committees and Working Groups

EFCA’s Committees and Working Groups are dedicated to developing policy and opinion on key issues within engineering consultancy. Through a sharing of ideas and expertise, research and lobbying, they contribute to EFCA’s priority areas and ensure meaningful dialogue is maintained with EU policy makers and legislators.

Want to get more involved in EFCA’s work? Contact your national association.