European External Action Committee

Terms of Reference

1. EU Political Influence

Engage with European institutions involved in external aid to provide practical feedback on the implementation of development aid policies, financial instruments, delivery methods and management modes, and proposing improvements to gain aid efficiency and effectiveness. Mainly with the European Commission and the European Parliament, but also European Development Financing Institutions and Donor Agencies.

2. Procurement Practice

Develop proposals for European institutions to improve the conditions of professional engagement. EFCA as a centre of European Best Practice in Procurement.

3. International Dialogue

Participate in the dialogue with International Financing Institutions (IFIs) on International Best Practice in Procurement and on European Development Financing Instruments, observing the FIDIC-EFCA cooperation agreement.

4. Promotion of Expertise

Strengthening the relationship with European Development Financing Institutions for the development of sustainable infrastructure, integrating technical, social, environmental and economic considerations. Promote the consulting engineer’s role in raising project standards, fostering innovation and attracting private investment to developing countries.

5. Guidance to MAs

Providing feedback to MAs on the latest developments in European External Action as well as guidance on how to tender and work with European institutions in service contracts.

6. Networking Platform for Companies

Providing a space for the exchange of experiences and networking to companies during the meetings, events or social networks. Creation of a Linked-In Group.


Nicolas Chomel (CINOV / SYNTEC Ingénierie) (since February 2023)


Lars Bentzen (FRI)

Liaison with the Board of Directors

Ines Ferguson (TECNIBERIA)


Walter Painsi (ACA / FTBI)
Alexandre Portugal (APPC)

Metehan Çağlar Sonbahar (ATCEA)
Cenk Tanriverdi (ATCEA)

Hüseyin Tekin (ATCEA)
François Baudouin (CINOV / SYNTEC Ingénierie)
Benoît Clocheret (CINOV / SYNTEC Ingénierie)
Jonathan Turgy (CINOV / SYNTEC Ingénierie) 
Spyridon Papagrigoriou (HELLASCO)

Giorgia Gunnella (OICE)
Gianluca Vedova (OICE)
Bárbara García Mateos (TECNIBERIA)
Martin Güldner (VBI)
Friedrich Hembach (VBI)

Hans-Christoph Schaefer-Kehnert (VBI)

Future Leaders
Nikola Pavlovic (ACES)

Corresponding Members

Nikola Matic (ACES)

Denis Massart (CINOV / SYNTEC Ingénierie)
Emmanuel Ramfel (CINOV / SYNTEC Ingénierie)
Cinzia Miracapillo Jauslin (USIC)


Partner Federations

Didier Wynrocx (FEACO representative)
Raphaël Zayat (FEACO representative)