EFCA Announces the Future Leader of the Year 2022

EFCA is delighted to announce the winner of the thirteenth Future Leader’s Competition to be Federico Foria from Milan, Italy. Out of a total of 16 entries from across 5 countries, Federico convinced the jury unanimously as technical lead in the project that needed a fast and reliable assessment of the lining conditions of the tunnels along the Andora - S. Lorenzo railway line in Italy.
At the age of 32, Federico is not only Manager of the Geotechnics, Geology & Hydraulics but also Manager of the Research & Development department at ETS S.r.l.. Technical difficulties and challenges of the project were overcome by using ARCHITA, a multi-dimensional mobile mapping system for the survey and inspection of tunnels, and MIRET (Management and Identification of the Risk for Existing Tunnels), a new methodology for the survey, the inspection, the analysis and the digital management of infrastructures towards digital transformation and sustainable maintenance. MIRET was fundamental for the success of the project and won the Ground Engineering Awards 2020 in the Digital Innovation Category, the 7th DITECFER Railway Innovation Contest, and was finalist in NCE TechFest 2021 for the best application artificial intelligence.
As active member of the Working Group 2 (WG2) Research of the Italian Tunnelling Association (SIG), Federico was able to overcome the lack of standards for the categorisation of defects in mechanised tunnels.
Apart from his expertise, Federico proved to be an extremely motivated and passionate professional, always ready to embrace new challenges.

The jury congratulates the two runners-up, Anni Laurila and Aske Nydam Guldberg:

Anni Laurila (Finland), 32 years old, is an Architect and Deputy Manager at WSP Finland Oy. As project manager and leading designer of the 90-hectare master plan for Lielahti, in accordance with Tampere's 2030 carbon neutrality goal master plan, Anni was also responsible for the master plan for land use and transportation, as well as the commercial, climate change, noise and vibration, and nature reports. Anni has won several prizes in Finland and abroad.

Aske Nydam Guldberg (Denmark), 34 years old, is a an engineer within the field of environmental engineering with a focus on waste management at COWI A/S. Aske was the central consultant and project manager on the project PARCK, developed by COWI. PARCK, the Partnership for circular municipalities, is an interactive and digital based tool which is a direct basis for decision for the potential in relation to increased recycling, both in terms of economy and environment.

In recognition of exceptional merit for engineering excellence among young professionals in our sector, the jury expresses a honorary mention to:

  • Ilaria D’Amore, Italy
  • Roope Haimila, Finland
  • Albert Cruz Biel, Spain
  • Cecilia Pecoraro, Italy
  • Richard Opsahl Resvoll, Norway
  • Maria Møller Lauridsen, Denmark
  • Nella Katariina Rajala, Finland
  • 10 June 2022