EFCA Announces the Future Leader of the Year 2021

EFCA is delighted to announce the winner of the twelfth Future Leader’s Competition to be Krzysztof Wojslaw from Oslo, Norway. Krzysztof managed to convince the jury that his project, E16 Randselva Bridge, is indeed a game-changer for our industry. Out of a total of 17 entries from across 7 countries, the jury recognised Krzysztof’s project as being state of the art.

At the age of 31, Krzysztof has already an impressive number of achievements to his name. He is a dedicated professional who is active as Co-Founder of BIM Corner, Parametric design and VDC Expert at Sweco Norway, and Designing Leader at Spenncon AS.

In recent years, he has established himself as Sweco’s leading parametric design expert and has stood out as a pioneer in the field. Krzysztof’s ingenuity hasn’t gone unnoticed, in November 2020, he was awarded the “Young Consultant of the Year” title by the Norwegian Association of Consulting Engineers. Today, he shows the whole continent that his additional title and award of Future Leader of the Year 2021 is very well deserved.

Krzysztof on the E16 Randselva Bridge: “New collaboration methods together with parametric designs and skipping the drawings, is without any doubt the future of engineering – and sets the standard for the whole industry.”

It is clear that Krzysztof is an example to follow when it comes to putting the consulting industry in the spotlight. With his winning project, he paves the road to the future of digitized construction. Apart from his expertise, Krzysztof showed to be a visionary, reliant, responsible, and cooperative leader.

The jury congratulates the two runners-up, Tor Martin Lystad and Jordy Vos, who also presented ground-breaking work. We look forward to the official award ceremony at the EFCA Conference in June 2022.

Tor Martin Lystad (Norway), 34 years old, is a Civil Engineer in the bridge department at Norconsult AS. His passion for bridge constructions has resulted in a remarkable performance during the concept development phase of his presented project, which successfully piqued the jury’s interest. Tor Martin’s eagerness to learn, and his ability to quickly understand complex topics has made him able to rise above all the challenges related to his project.

Jordy Vos (The Netherlands), 30 years old, is a Project Manager at Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers. His goal, with his various innovative and purposeful projects, is to make the engineering and construction industry the most sustainable and cost-effective industry by going digital. Jordy’s ability to absorb new knowledge, his self-reflection and modesty make him a true leader. The jury salutes his high ambitions, and recognises the mastermind that he is.

In recognition of exceptional merit for engineering excellence among young professionals in our sector, the jury expresses a honorary mention to:

  • Juho Lepistö, Finland
  • Mattijs Stam, The Netherlands
  • Sarah Brudler, Denmark
  • Mustafa Kemal Türkeri, Turkey
  • Seamus Francis Doyle, Ireland
  • ​​​​​​Pætur Jakobsen, Denmark
  • Henri Heiermann, Finland



  • 4 June 2021